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Feel the atmosphere of project construction and stimulate the motivation to catch up with others

Source:Jiangyin Wilson Precision Equipment Co., Ltd Release Time:2017-08-01 Visit:53

  July 10 News (Reporter Wang Tingjun, Correspondent Ji Cheng, Jiang Lin, Zhang Ling) Project observation is an important agenda of this Municipal Party Committee Work Conference. Yesterday, Lan Shaomin, secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, led a team to Taixing, Gaogang, and Jingjiang to observe the construction of projects in various places. Wherever they went, the participants carefully visited, entered the workshop, listened to the introduction, looked at the products, felt the strong atmosphere of promoting the project construction in the three places, found the gap, raised the goal, strengthened their confidence, and further stimulated the passion and enthusiasm of learning and catching up. power.

In the morning, the participants came to Taixing Chengdong High-tech Zone, Huangqiao Industrial Park and Taixing Economic Development Zone to observe, listened to the introduction of investment promotion and project construction in the three parks this year, and walked into Jiangsu Rankine Air Conditioning Co., Ltd. and Huier Xin Machinery (Taixing) Co., Ltd. production workshop to visit the latest progress of the project construction. Relying on national ministries and commissions, colleges and universities, and industry associations, Chengdong High-tech Zone has successfully introduced and reserved a number of high-tech projects with high technological content and great leading role. Rankine Company is one of the high-tech projects, and three production lines in the first phase have been completed and put into use. In his comment, Lan Shaomin said that "three highs, one large, one fast" is a distinctive feature of Chengdong High-tech Zone. "High" means a high goal positioning, focusing on high-tech products, high-level talents, and high-end platforms. "Large" means that the scale of the project is large. Currently, there are 12 projects with more than 100 million yuan in hand. "Fast" means fast progress. It took Rankine only 50 days to build three production lines, and the sales will reach 10 billion yuan after they are all completed.

  Huangqiao Industrial Park is a "North-South joint construction park" determined by the provincial government. In recent years, the park has paid close attention to project development and construction. At present, 40 major projects with a value of more than 100 million yuan have been developed and implemented, of which 15 Jiangyin-registered enterprises have settled in the park. Huierxin company's precision equipment processing project is invested and constructed by a Jiangyin company. It mainly produces precision castings with a single weight of less than 50 tons. operate. "In the central Jiangsu area, is it possible for us to achieve extraordinary leapfrog development? Facts have proved that it is possible." Lan Shaomin said that there are many, many opportunities under the new normal, and we need to grasp them ourselves. Huangqiao Industrial Park seized this opportunity and realized the rapid accumulation of projects. In the past year, it was not easy to recruit a project worth over 100 million yuan, but in the first half of this year, 14 projects with a value of more than 100 million yuan were newly introduced, and 40 projects with a value of more than 100 million yuan were already implemented. Moreover, the process of rapid accumulation of this project is not a simple physical transfer, but a transfer of continuous transformation and upgrading to enhance core competitiveness.