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Wilson won the favor of multinational giants

Source:Jiangyin Wilson Precision Equipment Co., Ltd Release Time:2017-08-01 Visit:64

In the machining workshop of Huierxin Machinery (Taixing) Co., Ltd., two engineers from Spain are stepping up to debug the boring and milling machine, which was introduced by "Wilson" from the world's top boring and milling machinery manufacturer - Nicolas Correa, Spain. The latest equipment, worth 3 million euros, will greatly improve the precision and efficiency of precision casting production after being put into use.

  As a private enterprise that has only been in production for more than a year, why spend huge sums of money to introduce such "tall" equipment?

"It is mainly to meet the needs of supporting production with the world's top 500 companies." Xu Huimin, chairman of Huierxin Machinery (Taixing) Co., Ltd., told reporters that in addition to this set of equipment, the company also introduced the world's top brand German Doris Salman. Vertical turning and milling compound machine and supporting equipment, building a domestic first-class high-end precision machining center.

"Huierxin" is one of the first batch of Jiangyin enterprises to settle in the Huangqiao North-South Co-construction Park of Jiangyin High-tech Zone. It started construction in June 2013 with a total investment of 1 billion yuan. The first phase of the project was put into operation in March last year. Phase project is stepping up. Although the production time is not long, it has won the favor of the world's top 500 companies such as Germany's Siemens, Germany's Ende, America's Trane, and Britain's Weir, and has become a precision casting supplier for these multinational giants.

  German experts went to the workshop with white gloves to inspect management

   As we all know, Germany is the "Kingdom" of precision machinery, and the Germans are known for their rigor and strictness. Why do established companies like Germany's Siemens and Ender extend an "olive branch" to "Whirsson"?

"Fortune 500 companies in the world, especially German companies, are extremely strict in auditing suppliers." Comrades from the Management Committee of Huangqiao Industrial Park, who accompanied the interview, talked about such an intriguing episode: In September last year, Germany's Siemens sent a procurement and supply The trade review team went to "Wilson" for investigation. After listening to the report and consulting relevant materials, four German experts proposed to go to the workshop to have a look. We prepared a hard hat for each of us, and we didn't want "foreigners" to ask each of us to issue a pair of white gloves.

  At first, we were puzzled, and we ran down with them and suddenly realized. In the process of watching, they not only asked carefully, but also touched here and there with their white-gloved hands. As a result, the white gloves were almost spotless. The leading expert named Manny finally shrugged and said in blunt Chinese: "Your on-site management is very good, we can rest assured!"

  In people's impression, casting processing enterprises are full of fire, fly ash flying, dirty. "These have become the 'Old Emperor's Calendar' in Huierxin." Xu Huimin, who cherishes words like gold, opened the chatterbox at this time——

The company invested 120 million yuan to introduce the internationally advanced intermediate frequency melting furnace and supporting detection and temperature control equipment designed by Yingda Company of the United States, and installed advanced ventilation constant temperature and dust prevention systems in each workshop. The dust concentration is only four times the national standard. One-third is almost negligible.

Invested more than 20 million yuan to develop and introduce the world's most advanced MAGMA solidification simulation software. Under the monitoring of the large screen, the full automation of casting batching, feeding, and furnace release is realized, and engineering software is used to guide casting 3D design, mold flow analysis, mold manufacturing and Die-casting process analysis, through programming to produce high-precision products. For example, the wind power castings produced by "Wilson" have a service life of more than 20 years due to the addition of appropriate rare metal elements (general castings only have a life span of about 10 years), and are better adapted to the harsh environment of offshore wind power generation.

"The high-end precision machining center is being built and debugged, with a total investment of 280 million yuan, automatic control and automatic detection, and the error is almost zero." Xu Huimin said that the fixed shaft of the 3.0 MW wind turbine tailored for Siemens was in the trial production of samples. In the first stage, Siemens experts in Germany "diagnosed" sample defects through remote video and put forward suggestions for improvement until they were qualified.

  In fact, under the guidance of chairman Xu Huimin, the matching degree of human and equipment and production precision of "Whirlson" are basically close to the theoretical optimal value of cutting-edge equipment. In traditional casting processing, 65% of the links do not generate added value, while "Wilson" has been simplified to less than 30%, and this year will continue to streamline "all useless things". After one year of operation, it has processed 6,000 tons of precision castings for 4 Fortune 500 companies, with a defect rate of only 1,500PPM (PPM means one part per million), which is far below the internal control standards of each company. This year, the four major multinational giants have increased the orders of "Wilson". At present, "Wilson" has undertaken the first batch of processing orders of 15,000 tons, and can realize an operating income of 200 million yuan.

   It is understood that two multinational giants, General Motors and Caterpillar, will also visit "Whirlson" in the near future to discuss cooperation matters.

The goal of Huierxin people is: to become the world's largest precision casting supplier for the world's top 500 companies within 5 years, and to develop the industrial chain extending forward and backward; to become a world-class base for precision machining within 10 years, and to build Huierxin Industrial Park. Absorb a group of upstream and downstream world top enterprises to settle in.